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Be Someone's Hero Today

In my eyes, my book is a hero's journey of my dad's fight to give his daughter a chance at a better life while fighting demons. My dad would’ve called himself anything but a hero.

However, to me, he was and still is my everything. My hero. He is a hero to me because he never gave up on me. And when I was sad he was by my side to say exactly what I needed to hear. And when I was wrong he corrected me and forgave me easily. When I was stressed he reminded me of how small my problems would be in the grand scheme of my life. And to him, I was the smartest and most beautiful human being capable of anything. My life was full of possibilities through his eyes. Because he first believed in me I learned to believe in myself.

To love someone unconditionally is to be their hero. Very fortunate people in life have had an experience with unconditional love. The luckiest of people experience this love from their parents. This kind of love protects us from turning our back on ourselves and others. When we think of the way the people who love us unconditionally feel towards us, we can find it easier to get back on our feet again. Not everyone gets an opportunity to feel so loved.

I hope everyone who is reading this has a hero in their life. If you’re a parent I hope you recognize that you are most likely your child's hero. Even if they’re too young to acknowledge it or you feel like you’ve made a lot of mistakes. It’s never too late to tell your children how special they are and remind them of all they are capable of. It’s never too late to share a life lesson and to put into perspective where they are in life.

Even if you’re not a parent, it's never too late to show a glimpse of unconditional love to a friend or a stranger. It's as simple as letting the person cutting you off in traffic the grace and faith they are only having a bad day. Remind a friend of a time they impressed you. Be someone’s hero for even just a day.

The pressures of life can be overwhelming in the world we live in today. Things can get heavy for even the most positive, successful, happy people. The simple reminders that someone else sees something in us can make a difference. Sending a reminder is also an act of gratitude and will remind you of how lucky you are to have the people in your life that you do.

Thank your heroes, hold them close.

Be a hero to someone today.

Thank you to my dad for guiding me through my toughest days even though you have passed.

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