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The Full Story


Rising Hope Co was a passion project that started when I was in college. It stemmed from my childhood of growing up with addiction. Since the age of 18, I knew I wanted to write a book, be an inspirational speaker, and help kids who experienced growing up as I did in a household surrounded by addiction. My home was toxic but there was also a lot of love. I started sharing my story when I was in college and Rising Hope became my blogging platform to inspire hope. 


The goal of Rising Hope is to become the Make-a-Wish foundation of addiction. My dad passed away from addiction in 2017. A college fund didn’t seem like the right way to celebrate his life because, for me, sober moments with my dad meant more than the education I had. Some kids were never going to want to go to college but all kids want to have positive memories with their loved ones. The last memory I had with my dad was going to a Bruno Mars concert. He died the following week. It was the first time in two years we had spent together doing something fun and it would be the last memory. That is why I believe Rising Hope can change children's and parents' lives, or at least give them back a glimpse of hope. 


Over the next 30 days, my mission is to finish writing the book, get a well-known publisher to sign me as an author, and become a New York Times Best Selling Author. Over the next 90 days, I want Rising Hope to become an official nonprofit organization. Within the next year, I want to be on a book tour hitting the cities where addiction has made the largest impact and I want to sponsor 4 local wish fulfillments for children with parents who have either passed away from addiction or children with a parent currently in sobriety.

In the long-term future, I’m striving for Rising Hope to be the reason parents work towards sobriety, even if they relapse. For the chance to make good memories for their children. I want to be able to say I sponsor 50 national events a year by 2024. I want to fundraise $1 million and grow a strong community of children of addiction who learn to forgive their parents and break the cycle of addiction.

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