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The Cycle of Addiction will Stop with You

Learn to cope with love, resiliency, and forgiveness so that you can break free from patterns and not feel anger or resentment.


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Seeing your parents struggle with addiction teaches you two things at a young age: Nothing is what it seems and the world isn't a fair place. You grow up in a sink or swim environment. You're thrown into the current of adult-hood early and it's up to you to rise above the tide. You're not destined to follow their footsteps. You're not the reason for their addiction. You are resilient. You are loved and you're not alone.

The Damage of Addiction is a memoir of Leanna's experiences with her dad's addiction and her experience with coping.

The perfect daughter-dad relationship. Steve and Leanna planned to conquer the world together. But when Leanna found burnt tin foil in her dad's bedroom in 2004, things were never the same. Regardless, Steve and Leanna find a way to have an unbreakable bond throughout her dad's disease.


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