Youtube Partner


Before youtube became popular, I found the beauty community. Dulce Candy was my inspiration to start making videos. It was a complete shock when I had gained 200+ followers in one week...


When I first discovered youtube, I enjoyed watching videos about different makeup products other people used and what worked for them. I also enjoyed watching haul videos which feature youtubers displaying there latest discount buys from different stores. After a few weeks I decided I wanted to make videos too! I entered a few of Dulce Candy's contests which were to create original make-up looks. I created my videos on a very old camera that my parents had used. After time I learned how to use the video camera and how to acheive better video quality.


At first it was uncomfortable for me to talk to essentially no one but after a while it became fun and normal. I didn't even know it but I was branding and marketing myself. I kept in contact with other members of the youtube community, including Dulce Candy. After being featured in a beauty guru's video, I recieved over 200 followers in one day. After a few years I had reached over 200,000 views and recieved an email from Google for adsense. 


While it was never my intention to have such a wide audience I appreciated all my followers and continue to make videos. Today I make videos on advice and blogging.