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Leanna, Community Manager

of Sworkit

Fitness came into my life as I began to watch my parents health decline rapidly. My mom woke up one day paralyzed from the waist down. My dad was diagnosed with Parkinson's and was surpassing 300 lbs all before the age of 55. 

I always saw my parents as superheroes with superhuman strength, so when I watched them clutching a wall for balance and having to hold on to me to walk a block, I realized the critical need for taking care of my health.  I needed to make them proud and I couldn't do that if I wasn't strong too. 

My appreciation for fitness started there and it made me realize the importance of mobility. 

Exercise became more to me than how I looked. It became my freedom. If I could add one more push-up, one more burpee, that meant I was doing better than the day before. The longer my endurance, the greater my chances are of being free from immobility. The more proud I can make my parents for giving me the strength I need to be healthy and live a long life for my future children. 

Sworkit gets it. At first, exercise isn't fun. It's a little embarrassing, very frustrating, and at times seemingly impossible to improve. But with simple steps to follow along to, in the comfort of your own safe space, it's that much easier to achieve. 

Sworkit isn't meant for sculpting your dream body (although it might help), it's meant to improve your life through exercise the easiest way possible.

Now, I can help others and let them know I get it. I get that life isn't always easy and that health takes a back burner. It's almost easier to ignore than to face. Time, stress, the demands of everyday life make us forget that we deserve to contribute to a healthy life. If you don't do it for yourself, do it for someone else. ​


Follow Along

You don't have to google how to do exercises, you can just follow along.


Exercise Outdoors

Have you ever experienced the joy of working out outside with a guided routine? So fun.


6-Week Plan

Big event coming up? Don't lose track of time and forget to workout. Follow a 6-week plan to stay on track.


Make it Your Own

Create custom workouts with all your favorite exercises. Name it and share it with a friend.



Sometimes I'm just not in the mood to jump around. You can filter out what you can't (don't want to) do. 


Dance, Dance

Listen to music while you Sworkit. Curated playlists from Spotify for the best and most energetic workout ever.