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My father is my best friend and we have had so many memories together. My favorite memories are our times spent in our favorite restaurant, Montein. The thai food is delicious but after being a regular for 15 years the experience is the greatest... Every time my father and I would go to this restaurant we could count on excellent, personalized service. Even with the language barrier, the care that goes into making my experience special every time is amazing. 


That is the type of service I try to give my customers. Every customer should be treated with the same enthusiasm and care as the next. I pride myself on personalized service. It is my goal to ensure every customer gets the exact taste they are looking for and that I take special care to allergies and special requests. 


Joe Bono, the owner of the restaurant explains my job as having my own private business. It is up to me to make sure people come back, since it is without a doubt our food is absolutely delicious. I have the ability to have people walk out of the restaurant raving not only about the food but about how special they felt because of quality service. 


I chose to work at Beneventos after my first meal their. I fell in love with the design of the open kitchen and brick-wood oven. I fell in love with the laid back, family atmosphere. That night I did my research and emailed Joe Bono right away. The next day I had an interview and began training that week. I have been there for two years full time while remaining in school.


After a year of working their the co-owner, Warren, told me about the call he recieved after being hired. "Joe always told me to keep an eye out on you because you never stop smiling- she might be crazy he said." Come to find out that is just how I am and being in a work environment I love so much keeps the smiles coming.


The first time I was asked if I had just started working there I was a bit thrown back. I had gotten the impression that the family felt I hadn't performed like a veteran. When I asked why they explained that my energy was so powerful and refreshing it seemed as though I hadn't been their that long. I began thinking about why that is so and I guess it is just because every day I go into work is a new day to make new people happy. 








Representing Beneventos & Al Dente in the Taste of the North End; a charity event for N.E.W Health Center. 

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