Carver's culinary teams took first place in both the culinary and management sections of the Massachusetts ProStart Student Invitational, held at Le Cordon Bleu College of Clinary Arts Boston - in Cambride. On the outside is Carver's Management Team, Leanna Oblinsky and Erica Goodman. In the middle, left to right, the culinary team, Rebecca White, Megan Cara Donna, Ava Nardulla, and Kevin Flynn. - Click here to see full article 

ProStart State Champions


The pressure was on when my partner and I realized we hadn't known what we had gotten ourselves into when we stood in front of three head chefs. It hadn't hit us we were actually in a competition till that moment...


We walked into the silent room, the judges sat there silently as nervous students filled the room taking a look at other peoples proposal boards. The director of the competition came up to us and introduced herself. She demonstrated to us how we would enter the room and that we would have a microphone to speak into. All of a sudden it hit me that in about an hour I would have thirty minutes to pitch an idea that took three long months of designing. 


Our presentation went so smoothly that one of the judges commented on how well our red flats would be as we entered Kansas for Nationals. When our names were called for first place, I felt so proud. The first school to win that wasn't a vocational school and for Carver, it was the first time a team would be going to nationals for anything. 


The passion that the judges (who were Chefs, restaurant owners, and hospitality specialists) had for the restaurant industry inspired me to get my first job in hospitality. With no prior experience, I went into my first job interview with an admiration for exceptional service and an appreciation for the unexplainable work that goes into owning a restaurant. 


The man that continues to inspire my passion for the industry and for cooking

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My Partner and I
My Partner and I

At the award ceremony

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Getting Ready
Getting Ready

Our board being approved before our presentation

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I owe my success to Chef Portelance. As a freshman and sophomore, my locker was near his classroom. He had always made jokes with me about being too happy but I had never thought of taken a cullinary class. Cooking had always been a natural talent my grandparents and mother had so I did not think much about the art. Junior year I had signed up for my first culinary class and fell in love with being creative and trying new foods.


Senior year I was accidently placed in an advanced cooking class, usually available to those who have been taking cullinary for two or three years already. Chef Portelance encouraged me to stick to it. Eventually, he evenconvinced my partner and I to compete in ProStart. He had a passion for creating an experience with every meal. He saw food and dining out as an experience. 


I owe a big thank you to Chef Portelance and Prostart for giving me an amazing learning experience. 

Skills Gained

Marketing Tactics

Critical Thinking


Public speaking skills

Graphic Design



Creating a Proposal

Team work


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