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Book Update! Goals for 2023

Book Update

The last time you heard from me I was on a live podcast reading a chapter out of my book and hadn't done much with my pages of letters aside from that. I wanted to let you know what everyone asks me, "when will I get my hands on that book?!" Well, the short answer is it might take a (minute).. while.

The goal is to release my book in 2023 but there are a few things that need to happen first. First I am going through my first round of edits. After a lot of back and forth, I decided to not go with a paid editor for this initial round and instead had an eager and willing volunteer, my number one fan who isn't afraid to let me know that I have no concept of a timeline within the first chapter (whoops). That would be my lovely boyfriend, Connor. Once he has completed the book, I will be making major edits and most likely expanding my book further. Rinse. Repeat. Keep doing that til I feel like it's good enough to hire my editor. Once the editor lays his paws on my book I'm hoping we're very close to getting a line-by-line grammar and spelling check from a few beta readers and then a plan for going to market.

Ahh, going to market felt close when I printed my book but as I had expected I feel pretty far away from that now. However, I'm optimistic that once I have what I deem to be reader-ready I'll have no problems with this portion. We will see. To get a book agent or to not? To self-publish or to not? Can I make my dream of a book tour become a reality? Those will be the fun questions to answer.

2023 Goals

As for my 2023 goals for Rising Hope, I am going to continue the process of becoming an official 501(c)(3). Once I make it official, I can plan another event for the Rising Hope Foundation.

Knowing where the finish line for my book is by mid-year is also a big goal.

Aside from that, I want to spread the word as best I can through writing, being a guest on podcasts, and participating in as many speaking opportunities as I get the chance to.

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