Find Power and Importance in Family

Discover how

to set boundaries,

have healthy relationships with loved ones who have an addiction,

and give

the right help. 

Have Healthy Relationships with Addiction

Accepting addiction as a disease, managing emotions with addiction, remove the label of 'an addict', and managing anger and other emotions about addiction

Live Positively with


General tips and life skills that'll benefit those that feel they can't concentrate in a school setting, don't fit in, and need an alternative to the typical school setting.

Support Children



An outlet for children who have parents fighting addiction and mental illness. Share your fears of your environment and future with someone who'll keep your secrets safe.


The Stigma of


Remove the stigma of drug addiction and addicts. Shine the light on the amazing people who have been labeled criminals and 'junkies' because of this disease and their illness.

How do I stay so happy?



There are two types of happiness. There is short-term happiness and internal happiness. Internal is the only kind that people cannot take away from you and the reason I am told to radiate happiness. Just like everyone else, I have days where I feel sad or discouraged because of lack of short-term happiness, but it is my internal happiness that keeps me going. Internal happiness is a long-term process and takes a lot of learning about yourself. Read my blog as I take you on the journey to achieving internal happiness. Once you achieve this, you will feel invincible to any and every hurdle you will face. 

What do you do to create short-term happiness?



To the left you can see just a few things that have helped me to maintain short-term happiness. As humans we find happiness in the things we desire and get. If we teach ourselves to desire easily attainable things such as exercise or a glass of water, we will be much more easily satisfied and in result prolong our short-term happiness. With our society, its easy to feel satisfied by material or artificial objects or things such as likes on a photo or having new clothes. When we are wrapped up in this type of short-term happiness we find it to be disrupted often.