ARE YOU MORALLY STRUGGLING with how to manage your relationship with a loved one suffering from addiction? 


Feeling confident about any outcome my dad would have as he was released from prison made his release from prison much easier. From the first time, I found out my dad had overdosed to the times my dad had forgotten what he did the night before, it was easy to manage my emotions and have a healthy relationship with my dad while still taking care of myself.


Filling out this PDF will help you: 

  • Manage emotions

  • Create a healthy relationship

  • Feel confident about your choices 

  • Create a sense of purpose 

  • Have a plan for any outcome

Whats inside?


Questions to fill out that'll be your declaration for whenever you need a reminder to stay strong and believe in yourself and your loved one. 


It's for your personal use. It's not recommended to share this with your loved one that is suffering from addiction.