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addiction strips confidence away from the user and their family members.

Learn how you deserve to feel sure that there is a future for you and your family.

"There are so many good people on this earth. I want to be a good person. I want to become a better person." 

Steve Olbinsky 1964-2017

Addiction is a Disease

It's time that addiction stops ripping people away from hope. Find advice to get through the battle against addiction.

How To Confidently Manage Your Family Relationship

Bad vs. Good Choices 

Addiction takes over the ability to make rational choices. When someone struggling with addiction realizes what pain they've caused there family, it can lead to extreme self-disappointment and an overwhelming sense of confusion. 


As a family member responding to addiction: 

  • Be patient 

  • Don't be confrontational 

  • Refrain from name-calling and threats

  •  Control your emotions 

  • Incarceration for drug-related crimes 

  • Rehabilitation for drug addiction 

  • Depression treatment for addiction

  • Policies for opioid-related emergency room visits

  • Rehabilitation after overdose

  • Job opportunities for recovery 

Balancing Support

Relationships with family members suffering from addiction are much different than normal give and take relationships. Having a healthy relationship is impossible without creating boundaries to protect you and your loved ones.



Understand your own boundaries:  

  • "No" doesn't mean you don't love someone. Neither does "Yes"

  • Know the difference between helping vs. enabling vs. neglecting

  • Express love in words and letters 

  • Money is not a source of love

  • You're not responsible for the outcome 

  • Encouragement and acceptance show love

Be An Anchor

Addiction is like the sea. When a storm comes, the waters are deadly and terrifying, but the beauty of the still ocean outweigh any rough wave. As children and family members of addiction, we must be the anchor and the light. 



  • Be strong - it is possible 

  • Use your heartache for good 

  • Don't be afraid to admit you need help

  • Be sure of yourself and choices

  • Reach out to people that know what you're going through

Make a declaration to confidently manage your relationship with a free download.

"My vision for the future is a generation of children who turn to themselves for answers about anxiety and stress instead of turning to substances. My mission is to make children feel in control of their health, life choices, and hardships with the power of confidence."

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